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Gain That Competitive Edge with a Pre-List Inspection

Having a pre-listing home inspection offers some great advantages for you as a seller. The most obvious being the knowledge about the exact condition of your property. Many real estate agents consistently speak to the importance of being ready for the home inspection. A pre-listing inspection not only gives you an upper hand in the real estate transaction, but also alleviates much of the stress in the process.

The following key points might help you decide if a pre-listing inspection is right for you.

1. Understand the true condition of your home.

Many sellers worry that the buyer’s home inspection might discover an underlying issue that may kill the sale. This is not an unwarranted concern; the buyer’s home inspection is often the time where many home negotiations fall apart. However, you can change the narrative by being the first to identify any issues.

2. Accurate home pricing is easier.

Finding the right home selling point can be tricky – too high and they stay away, too low and you lose money. A pre-listing inspection takes the guess work out of the process. Along with having an experience Realtor, the inspection ensures that your home is at the correct price point for a quick sale.

3. Reduce the stress.

Wouldn’t it be great to know the exact condition of your home before you start the sales process? The confidence this builds can strip away much of your stress. A pre-listing inspection gives you the time to fix the simple issues and uncover any significant defects that may cause problems later. There is a limited timeframe between acceptance offer and closing date, this ensures that you are not rushing to fix things at the last minute.

4. Less likelihood of negotiations.

The last thing you want to go through is a protracted negotiation of a buyer’s home inspection. There is no such thing as a perfect home condition, but the pre-listing inspection can alleviate much of the last minute concession requests. You are unlikely to learn anything new about your home from the buyer’s inspection, and neither is the buyer because you have already had an inspection done. Both you and the buyer have been aware of any issues and all repairs from the beginning of your interaction. Negotiations still may occur, but they will probably be minimal.

5. Improve buyer’s confidence.

Handing a buyer an inspection report that details the present condition of the home will make them feel more confident about the purchase. Buyers are naturally skeptical about a home’s condition until their home inspection is completed. For many folks, purchasing a home will be their most significant investment. Knowing that a professional has already looked over the home carefully allows the buyer to make a confident offer.

6. Make your agent’s job easier.

Most real estate agents would prefer it if your home had a pre-listing inspection. Having this information can make their job much easier and in return, helps ensure a higher asking price. Your agent can price the home more accurately, negotiate more confidently and attract the right buyers. In short, making your agent’s job easier brings financial benefits to you.

Depending on the size of the home, AmeriSpec Phoenix’s fees are generally between $365-$600 for a general home inspection. Also, the AmeriSpec Phoenix Pre-List program offers a $100 Re-Inspection Report that can be used during the selling process. For more information or to schedule an inspection, please call us at 480-518-3589.

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